Why Shouldn’t I Just Take That Video Course Online?

Not Really AHA!

It’s an easy google search CPR to find “CPR & First Aid Online $12.99 CPR Course AHA OSHA” lets look at that statement for a moment.

The American Heart Association advocates a didactic and hands on training approach to teaching CPR and First Aid. Through many years of research they have found that without creating muscle memory of the hands on practice of CPR the student will not be able to adequately respond in an emergency situation. This is why in my class whether it is during the skills session of a blended learning class or during the traditional 4 hour training course I spend a lot of time giving students time to practice their skills in a setting conducive to learning.

So if your employer expects you to have an AHA course know that an online course that says AHA isn’t going to work for your employer. Any online course for $12 isn’t AHA approved no matter what it says online it’s not approved by AHA.


What You Get When You Call An AHA Instructor

The Price – $12.99 or $16.99 is hard to beat when you are calling the other companies like mine and we are charging $55-$85 per course. Here’s what you get when you call AHA accredited instructors, a teacher that is going to take his or her time with you, someone who usually has experience in the medical field as a nurse, Emt, paramedic or firefighter. An instructor who is teaching as either a second job or side business, in my case has worked in the medical field all my adult life and has now started a business full time. They are sharing their experience and knowledge to help you learn the life saving skills that will help you possibly one day save a life.

We hope you never have to use these skills but we want you to be as prepared as possible if you do. Yup there is overhead and costs associated that we have to pay for before we get to class, courses we have to take but I won’t bore you with the cost of doing business in California or anywhere else in the country. Our knowledge and experience is what you are paying for. The time we love to spend with you to make sure you are comfortable and ready to respond to an emergency when you walk out the door. This is what you’re paying for when you decide to hire one of us.


What You Get When You Call Me

When you Call Safety Steph CPR & First Aid Training in many cases you’re paying for me to come to your house and give you or your group private training in the comfort of your own home. I love doing this, I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people this way from Orange County to San Bernardino county from Lancaster to Bakersfield and from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara and many places in between.

The next CPR & AED Class

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