Why Learn CPR & First Aid?

Learning CPR & First Aid is like having a life insurance policy. You don’t expect to die or have something bad happen to you or your loved one. But you want to be prepared in case something does. Knowing first aid and CPR is being ready in case it does. When I teach my students, I tell them it’s insurance against Murphy’s law.

Knowledge is power, when faced with the unknown of an emergency situation having the hands on skills that you learn in a CPR & First Aid course you can remain calm and ready to deal with the emergency.

A few things to know…

  1. Always check the scene for safety – is the scene safe for you to enter and help the victim? If not, stay away and call 911. You can’t help anyone by becoming a victim yourself, this includes running back into the burning house for your pets or other victims.

  2. Check yourself – do you have something to protect yourself, gloves and a CPR mask or barrier device? Is someone bringing them to you? If not, is there something that you can make nearby to use instead? If you have to do CPR and you don’t have something do hands only CPR.

  3. Check the Victim – Tap the top of both shoulders and shout “Are you ok” to get them to respond. If they don’t respond or only moan.

CALL 911 or tell someone to CALL 911

B – BREATHING – Do you see their Chest Raising and falling? Are they gasping for breath? They need CPR.
B – Bleeding – Do you see bleeding or other signs of sever injury, bites or stings?
J – Jewelry – Do they have Medical Alert Jewelry – look on their wrists, ankles and around their necks. Tell the medical professionals that arrive that they have this if present.

This should take less than 10 seconds from the beginning to starting CPR (if required).
CPR is only required if they are not breathing or they are only gasping.


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